Companies Represented

Florite Australia Supplies the Highest Quality Process Control Instrumentation

Florite Australia is a distributor within Australia and New Zealand for the below international manufacturers. These manufacturers develop some of the best process control instrumentation and other automation and control engineering instruments in the world, and thanks to our close relationships with them, you can purchase all of their instruments at highly competitive prices.



Kytola Instruments develop and manufacture reliable and high-quality flow measuring (flowmeters) and monitoring instruments, oil lubrication systems and oil analysers that are suitable for a wide range of industrial and smaller scale industries. Their innovative designs are an industry standard for many manufacturing plants and come highly recommended by our clients.


Assalub develops, manufactures and markets equipment for handling of lubricants as well as centralised lubrication systems and components for these lubrication systems. Assalub products are known worldwide for representing the highest standard of quality in the industry.


Tecfluid have been designing and manufacturing flowmeters and level instrumentation products for more than 40 years. Their range of variable area flowmeters, metal tube flowmeters and plastic flowmeters are considered some of the most well-designed and long lasting products on the market.


For more than 30 years, Meister has been worldwide producer of industrial flow measurement technology. They develop and manufacture industry leading instruments for measuring and monitoring liquid and gas flows in a wide-range of industries. When it comes to reliability and quality, their flowmeters are hard to beat.


Weidmuller supplies some of the most well designed industrial electronic systems in the world. When reliability is key, Weidmuller is your best choice. If you’re looking for an electrical automation solution, ask us how Weidmuller’s industrial power, signal and data products can help.


MAC3 float switches and level controllers set a new standard in pressurisation and water management when they hit the market, and they are constantly improving on what is already an industry leading product. MAC3’s instruments make the perfect partner if you design and implement systems for pressurisation and the control of liquids.

Core Link

Widely considered as a pioneer in the development of modern core and broke roll handling equipment, Core Link uses their more than three decades of industry expertise and technical knowledge to create industry leading core and roll cutters, and core strippers. There is no question that Core Link are the world leaders in core cutter technology.


Specialising in sensors and transmitters for inline measurement of fibre consistency, brightness, residuals and viscosity, BTG are experts in the manufacture of inline measurement instruments.

Temperature Sensors & Pressure Gauges

Florite Australia search for the best temperature sensors and pressure gauges on the market and supply them to our clients at fantastic prices. Because we are constantly finding new products from different manufactures in these areas, we don’t have a set manufacturer that we supply. Instead we focus on providing high quality temperature sensors and pressure gauges for reasonable prices.

For more information on any of our process control instrumentation and other automation and control engineering instruments, simply contact us here. Our team are happy to answer any of your queries.