Florite Australia – Your Experienced Process Control Instrumentation Specialists

With over 20 years of experience suppling process control instrumentation and other automation and control engineering instruments, Florite Australia has become the most trusted name in the Australian and New Zealand industry. We supply our instruments to a diverse range of small and large companies with hundreds of different process control needs. Because of our diverse clients we’ve become experts in providing advice that helps our clients find the most suitable process control instruments.

Providing advice is an essential part of the Florite Australia service. While many of our clients know exactly what instruments they need, many don’t. Thanks to our experience, we can have a quick chat over the phone or via email and work out exactly what instruments your process needs and what will suit your budget. From there we can provide you with an obligation-free quote that we’re sure will be far better than anything our competition can offer.

Overtime we’ve become distributors for a wide range of international manufacturers of high quality process control instrumentation and other automation and control engineering instruments. Being a major distributor means we can provide our clients with these instruments at the lowest prices available anywhere in Australia or New Zealand. The quality of our instruments are guaranteed by the manufacturers, so you know you’re getting the best instrumentation on the market.

We supply our instrumentation throughout Australia and New Zealand with quick delivery times.