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Mann Industries
Kytola Flowmeters and Monitoring Equipment

Kytola is a company in Muurame, Finland that for about 40 years have supplied different kinds of flowmeters and monitoring equipment for the world's process industry.

Variable Area Flowmeters

Models A, C, D
  • Acrylic body
  • Without valve
  • Metal Parts AISI 316

  • Model BA
  • Acrylic body
  • Aluminium metal parts
  • Valve spindle AISI 316
  • Compression type connections for 6/4 hose
  • available for range 0,2-7 l/min air

  • Model E
  • Acrylic body
  • Plugs and valve housing nylon or AISI 316
  • Valve spindle AISI 316
  • Connections BSP 1/4"
  • Available for ranges
    0,1 - 2,5 l/min Water
    2-90 l/min air
  • Optional hand knob

  • Model K
  • Aluminium, nylon or AISI 316 construction
  • Grilamid (or PES) flowtube
  • With or without valve
  • Connections BSP 1" or NPT 1"
  • Available for ranges
    7,5 - 120 l/min Water
    0,2 - 3 cubic metre/min air
  • Optional alarm

  • Models HT, HK, HV
  • Grilamid (or PES) flowtube
  • Connections PVC
  • Float and guide rod AISI 316
  • Connections Ø50, Ø25, Ø20 or BSP 1 1/4", 3/4", 1/2"
  • Available for a variety of ranges

  • Models VD, VE, VL
  • Grilamid (or PES) flowtube
  • Aluminium, nylon or AISI 316 construction
  • With or without valve
  • Connections BSP 1/2" or NPT 1/2"
  • Available for ranges
    0,4 - 30 l/min Water
    15 - 1000 l/min air
  • Optional alarm

  • Model LH, LR, LT
  • Acrylic, grilamid, or trogamid body
  • Plugs and valve AISI 316
  • Connections BSP 1/4" or NPT 1/4"
  • Available for ranges
    0,001 - 3 l/min Water
    0,05 - 100 l/min air
  • Optional handknob

  • Models TL, TT
  • Aluminium or AISI 316 construction
  • without valve

  • Differential Pressure Gauges

    Models DPA
  • Material acrylic
  • connections for ID 4 - 6 mm hose
  • available for ranges:
    0 - 100 Pa
    0 - 200 Pa
    0 - 300 Pa
    0 - 500 Pa

  • Model DPP
  • Material acrylic
  • connections for ID 4 - 6 mm hose
  • available for ranges:
    0 - 1 kPa
    0 - 90 kPa

  • Oval Gear Meter

    Oval Gear meter is an ideal lubrication oil flowmeter. The Model SR oval gear meter consists of two elliptical gears which the flow rotates. The rotation speed is proportionate to the flowrate. The rotation is picked up by a coil sensor or and inductive proximity sensor. The pulse signal can be fed to the Kytola OVAL FLOW station, indicators, counters and automation systems. The measurement is not affected by viscosity changes. The Oval Gear Meter indicates real flow rate regardless of oil temperature, i.e. also during start-up.

    Lubrication oil monitoring systems in papermachines
    Kytola offer complete lubrication monitoring systems consisting of measuring stations, oval gear meters, and control room stations. The measuring stations can operate independently, or can be linked via standard serial connections to a central control room.
    Sealing Liquid Monitor

    The sealing liquid monitor has been especially designed for applications on pumps where uninterrupted seal water is required. Proper adjustment of flow and pressure will result in water, energy, and maintenance savings. The built-in cleaner does not interfere with operation and it effectively removes built up contaminants from the metering tube. The various SLM models guarantee compatibility with all seal types.

    Other Products
    Other products offered include the following:
  • Flow Alarms
  • Alarm Amplifiers
  • Constant Flow Regulators
  • Lubrication oil monitoring systems in papermachines
  • Water content in oil analysers

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    Assalub Barrel Pump for Grease

    Assalub develops, manufactures and markets equipment for handling of lubricants as well as centralised lubrication systems and components for these systems. All Assalub products are known to represent a very high quality standard. Assalub manufactures single line and dual line central lubrication systems as well as multi-outlet lubrication pumps for both oil and grease. These lubrication systems are applied in many applications all over the world. Their products can be found in cement making factories, on stone crushing machines, industrial separators, balance bridges, paper machines, steel mills, or wherever consistent and reliable lubrication is required.

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    Tecfluid Industrial Flow & Level Measurement

    Tecfluid offers a variety of Industrial Flow and Level Measurement and Control equipment.

    Tecfluid Product Range
  • Variable area flowmeters
  • Constant flow regulators
  • Mag flowmeters
  • Target flowmeters
  • Orifice plate flowmeters
  • Turbine flowmeters
  • Flow switches
  • Control instruments
  • Level gauges and switches

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    Rhomberg Pressure Gauges and Accessories

    Rhomberg (Pty) Ltd is a leading designer and manufacturer of industrial instrumentation and industrial automation products and offers its own range of pressure measuring instruments. Rhomberg is committed to the on-going improvement of both product quality and customer service

    Rhomberg Product Range
  • Stainless Steel and Plastic case pressure gauges
  • Capsule and diaphragm gauges
  • Differential pressure gauges
  • Robust liquid filled gauges
  • Liquid filled plastic-cased industrial gauges
  • Economic injection moulded and steel case utility gauges
  • Equipment and light industrial gauges
  • Robust utility and light industrial gauges
  • Panel mounted equipment gauges

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    Seko Electromagnetic Diaphragm Pumps and Accessories

    SEKO provide Electromagnetic Diaphragm Pumps and Accessories. Their products cover a wide range of Constant, Variable delivery, and Peristaltic pumps.

    Seko Product Range
  • Constant delivery pumps
  • Variable delivery pumps
  • Peristaltic pumps
  • Threaded water meters
  • Level Probes
  • Suction systems

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    Mann Industries

    Mann Industries is an Australian owned company committed to supplying Process Instrumentations that are engineered and manufactured to the highest quality standards.

    Mann Industries Product Range
  • Auxiliary powered transmitters
  • Alarm trip modules
  • Microprocessor based transmitters and alarms
  • Relay interface modules
  • Indicators and totalisers
  • Calibrators
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    Meister Strömungstechnik GmbH, a worldwide active Company, was founded in 1984 and is engaged in the development, manufacturing, and marketing of components for the industrial Instrumentation. Their main products are flowmeters and flowmonitors for liquids and gases.

    Meister Product Range
  • Flow monitors
  • Flow indicators
  • High pressure flow indicators up to 300 Bar
  • Flow limiters
  • Paddle flow monitors
  • A wide range of accessories
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    MAC 3

    The MAC-3 is the level regulator guaranteed as absolutely hermetic thanks to its structural design with the double liquid -proof chamber and final remoulding with reinjection of moulten Moplen at 125 ATE to form a monobloc assembly. Owing to the strict testing it undergoes and the high quality of the materials used, the MAC-3 has a very high degree of reliability.

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    BTG manufacture a variety of products suited to the Pulp and Paper industry. BTG Pulp and Paper Sensors enhances control over pulp and paper processes, while Coating Systems serves paper producers´ coating needs and Duroblade manufactures coating, creping, cleaning and doctoring blades. BTG Specialty Valves offer the most comprehensive selection of steam conditioning and high-pressure water control valves on the market.

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    Florite also offer a wide range of temperature sensors, controls, and thermometers.

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